Plastic Debris On The Shores Of Selayar Island Coast, South Sulawesi

  • Sekolah Tinggi Perikanan dan Kelautan Palu
Keywords: Plastic debris, Management, Impact, Socio-economy, Selayar Island


Enormous plastic debris has been stranded on Selayar island shore during the west monsoon due to its position which is directly faced Java sea. Plastic debris had impacted social and economy of Selayar fishermen. The research was aimed to understand the composition, density, and distribution of the plastic debris; it impacts to social and economy. Line transect was used as the research method to quantify the numbers dan width of the plastic debris spread. The size of plastic debris that was researched about >2,5 cm which categorized as macro litters. The research was conducted in February to March 2016. The impacts of plastic debris were reduce income from tourism, fishing industry, disrupting fishing operations, requiring clean-up and, repairing vessel. Direct costs for repair and clean-up fishing vessels was about 192.9 million rupiahs per year and repair fishing gears was about 156.2 million rupiahs per year. The plastic debris  consists of plastic bottle, plastic cup, rope and fish net, gas matches, plastic box, bouy, food packaging, toothbrush and syringe. The average of plastic debris about 9.5±2.7 item/m2and weight about 229.2±109.9 g/m2.